The Great Gustie Gathering
September 26, 2020

Like everything else in these unprecedented times, Homecoming for Gusties is going to look a little bit different this fall. In years’ past, the Great Gustie Gathering has been an opportunity for us to celebrate everything that’s special about the Gustavus experience - well beyond just a football game. It’s a chance for alumni and friends of all ages and life stages to plug into our community, to revel in the relationships they’ve made and maintained through their years on the hill and beyond, to connect with Gusties who share common interests and passions, and to “come home” to enjoy the timeless beauty and lively energy of campus in the fall. This year, none of that will change. From virtual tours and engaging learning opportunities, kid-friendly activities and affinity-based celebrations, a virtual version of our “Gustie Pub”, and much more, our goal is to bring a bit of Gustavus home to you this year.

2020年欧冠联赛赛程They say, “home is where the heart is,” and we hope part of yours remains with us. We look forward to gathering with you in person when it’s safe, but in the meantime - make time to celebrate with us this Homecoming! 

This year our office will be offering LIVE virtual events, pre-recorded programming, a limited-edition 2020 Homecoming-at-Home care package, and our Gustavus Homecoming-at-Home checklist for alumni and friends!
2020 Virtual Homecoming: Pre-Recorded Programming

Unable to participate in the LIVE events this year? For those that are unable to engage in the LIVE Virtual Homecoming 2020 programing, we offer additional virtual content. Engage in lifelong learning lectures, go on a number of virtual tours, and enjoy family-friendly activities. 

Campus Virtual Tours:
Gustavus History Walk and Talk - Glenn Kranking '98 - Associate Professor in History and Scandinavian Studies, Director in Russian, and Adviser in Gustavian Weekly - link coming soon.
Walk through Gustavus history with Professor Kranking as he highlights the growth and development of the College.
Granlund Sculpture Tour - Steve Hogberg '69 - Former Alumni Trustee - link coming soon. 
Did you know that five sculptors whose works appear on the Gustavus campus are said to be part of a “sculptural succession” from Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) who taught Carl Milles (1875-1955) who taught Donald Gregory ’47 (1913-1986) who taught Paul Granlund ’52 (1925-2003) who taught Nicholas Legaros '77 and Greg Mueller?
Join the guided Sculpture Walking Tour to visit some of the public and not-so-public works that truly make Gustavus a sculpture garden. If you prefer to explore on your own, a self-guiding brochure is available at the registration desk or Christ
Chapel’s entrance.
Nobel Hall - Provost Brenda Kelly - to participate click the link .
Wishing for a glimpse of the renovations and expansion to the Nobel Hall of Science? Provost Brenda Kelly presents a virtual walk through and gives updates surrounding the building. 
Alumni College Lectures:
"Edgar Carlson - the Man Behind the Building" - Joanna Carlson '64 - Daughter of Edgar Carlson - link coming soon. 
Ever wonder about the Admin Building – like who was Edgar Carlson? If you are a Gustie grad, love all things Gustavus, or a curious history buff, you'll want to hear about our ninth president, for whom the building was named. During Carlson's tenure as president (1944-1968), Gustavus changed from a small college on a no-frills, post World War II campus, to a vibrant community with impressive buildings, matched by a distinctive history and a promising future. Based on the book, Bold Visions Daring Dreams, the author and Carlson daughter describes the growth of the college, building of Christ Chapel and original Nobel Hall, origins of Nobel Conference, and interesting quirks from student days.
“Pain Which Cannot Forget”: Robert F. Kennedy, Greek Tragedy, and the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr." - Yurie Hong - Associate Professor of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies - Link coming soon. 
Ancient Athenians told mythical stories of murder, revenge and sorrow on the theatrical stage to ask urgent questions about the nature of justice and power and the function of human suffering in the world. The continued relevance of these timeless human concerns came to life on April 4th, 1968, when presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy quoted extensively from the Greek tragedian Aeschylus before a majority African-American crowd on the eve of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This presentation will explore Aeschylus’ ‘Oresteia’ trilogy and the role that Greek tragedy had on both Kennedy and King’s views on human suffering and social justice.
Kids Zone:
Charlotte Gunnufson '93 - Read Aloud and Storytime Activities - Prince and Pirate
Listen to the tale of two little fish with whale-size personalities. Learn some pirate-y lingo, play a silly guessing game, and groove to fun, kid-friendly music.
Charlotte Gunnufson writes children's books and is the author of Prince and Pirate, Halloween Hustle, and more than thirty poems for Cricket and Highlights. She graduated from Gustavus in 1993 with a BA in English and went on to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching. For additional content visit her website by clicking the link . 
Charlotte Gunnufson '93 - Read Aloud and Storytime Activities - Halloween Hustle
Listen to the story of Skeleton and his friends, Mummy, Ghost and Zombie. Play a silly guessing game, do the Halloween Hustle, and groove to spooky tunes like Monster Mash.
Charlotte Gunnufson writes children's books and is the author of Prince and Pirate, Halloween Hustle, and more than thirty poems for Cricket and Highlights. She graduated from Gustavus in 1993 with a BA in English and went on to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching. For additional content visit her website by clicking the link . 
Gustavus-Themed Coloring Sheets: print out our Gustavus-themed coloring sheets and have your little one(s) participate in our coloring contest. Take a picture of them holding up their finished product and send our office an email containing your future Gusties name, age, interests, and a fun fact. Submissions sent to: alumni@claytonianinn.com


2020 Virtual Homecoming : LIVE Event Schedule

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. (CST/CDT)
Coffee Talk with President Bergman: Grab your Gustavus-themed mug and join fellow alumni throughout the United States as President Bergman speaks on the current state of the college and the Fall semester. The updates from the college will be coupled with time for socialization and story telling. Click the link here to participate. 
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (CST/CDT)
Memorial Service: Join Grady St. Dennis '92, Gustavus Chaplain and Director of Church Relations
and Continuous Growth Pathway, as we honor those that have passed this year. All are welcome. Click the link here to participate.
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (CST/CDT)
Alumni College Lectures:
Sit in on a lecture by Greg Kaster, James M. McPherson Professor of American History titled "Envisioning the Civil War: The Visual Culture of America's Second Revolution"
The U.S. Civil War was rich in visual imagery, particularly in the North--imagery that took a variety of forms, including photographs, prints, drawings, paintings, and cartoons. This talk explores how that imagery contributed to and reflected an understanding of the war as both a war for Union and a revolutionary war for the abolition of slavery. Click the link here to participate. 
Sit in on a lecture by Richard Leitch, Associate Professor in Political Science, Environmental Studies, Japanese Studies, and Peace Studies titled "The Coming Age of Chinese World Leadership"
Professor Leitch will build off the following questions: What is the potential for Chinese world leadership, what might it look like, and why should we care? Are we already in a transition period from US to Chinese world leadership? Click the link here to participate.
12:00 p.m. - 12:15 p.m. (CST/CDT)
Presidential Message - Homecoming Tent Unveiling: The Homecoming Tent is the crown jewel of our in-person programming and our office sought to present a similar experience virtually. Therefore, we have organized presentation times with our partners: Chankaska and BET Vodka, as well as, our Gustie-Owned Breweries. In addition, there will be raffles taking place after each presentation, a Presidential message, a walk through Gustavus football history, poll questions, and more. Raffle items will be given out to a randomized individual after each presentation.
Join President Bergman and members of the Office of Alumnni and Parent Engagement as we welcome all Gusties and inviting our community to participate in the festivities of the day and celebrate what it means to be a Gustie. 
12:15 p.m. - 12:35 p.m. (CST/CDT)
Bloody Mary Kickoff with Gustie-Owned BĒT Vodka: Local sugar beet vodka, Vodka (pronounced "beet"), has quickly become the go-to vodka for our recent homecoming festivities. And did you know it's Gustie-owned? Pull up a chair and join '05 alum Ben Brueshoff - the company's founder and owner - for a virtual demonstration on how to make the perfect bloody mary! First, delight in an initial tasting experience of BĒT VODKA and learn about the story behind the brand. Then, partake in a step-by-step process on how to build the perfect bloody mary and learn about a few other Gustie-theme cocktail recipes as an added bonus. 
Rooted in the pioneering spirit of American sugar beet connoisseur Henry Oxnard - and cultivated through generations of family farmers – BĒT is the Midwest’s first sugar beet vodka born in a farm cooperative, distilled to its essence, and revealed in a beautiful sipping experience made for sharing. With a clean, crisp and velvety-smooth flavor profile, you’ll discover why it’s SIMPLY NEAT. BĒT.
Those in attendance during his presentation will be entered to win the BĒT Vodka raffle item package! Including: a pack of custom felt cocktail coasters (4 coasters total), Collins ice-tray, BĒT t-shirts, and mini bottles of BĒT VODKA.
Presentation Materials/Ingredient list:
  • BĒT Vodka
  • Tomato juice
  • Fresh lemon juice 
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Tabasco Sauce
  • Prepared horseradish 
  • Celery salt 
  • Salt and pepper
  • Garnish: Lemon wedge, Celery, cheese and meat skewer
  • Glass: Pint glass
** These materials should be purchased in advance if you are interested in participating in the bloody mary construction event. 
12:35 p.m. - 12:40 p.m.(CST/CDT)
Virtual Road Trip Introduction: Join fellow alumni as we embark on a virtual road trip spanning all of Minnesota demonstrating the reach of our Gustie network. For this tour we will visit with our Gustie brewers throughout the state and take a pitstop at Chankaska for our wine-lovers. Sport a beverage from your favorite Gustie-Owned Brewery or Gustavus-partnered winery. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Each presentation will be followed up by a randomized raffle care package winner. Those in attendance for each presentation window will have the chance to win! 
12:40 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. (CST/CDT)
Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery, Kasota: Just 6 minutes from campus, Creek Ranch, Winery and Distillery is the 2nd largest winery in Minnesota focusing on artisans wines, spirits and kreme. Along with 6 gorgeous venues to host anything from corporate outings to weddings. Chankaska Creek is a true gem of southern Minnesota.
Chankaska has been a Gustavus events partner for years. Partnering on events ranging from Homecoming Weekend to hosting Reunion classes within their event spaces. During their presentation Spencer Vanderhoof, Chankaska Event and Sales Coordinator, will be speaking on the Chankaska origin story, partnership with Gustavus, event venues on their property, distribution, and processes of the winery. 
Chankaska has generously offered a $100 gift basket to be raffled off at the end of their presentation. In addition, all Gustavus alumni will be eligible to receive the following discounts from September 26 - October 3 at Chankaska. 
20% of any bottle of wine - No limit on amount purchased
10% of glasses of wine - No limit on glasses purchased
1:00 p.m. - 
1:20 p.m. (CST/CDT)
Lake of the Woods Brewing Company, Warroad: Gustie-Owned Brewing Company is located in Northern Minnesota where it is always lake time! Brewing beer on the shores of Lake of the Woods was no accident. Lake of the Woods water is perfect for brewing beer, and since beer is about 95% water, it’s a pretty darn important ingredient. The low mineral content and softness of Lake of the Woods water is one of the many things that makes our beer stand out in a crowd of many. Grab a pint and let's Make it Lake Time. During their presentation Eric Nerland '03, Brewery Co-Owner, will speak on the origins of Lake of the Woods, the brewing process, their location, venue events, and his Gustavus story. Eric and his wife Lindsay Parker Nerland '03 are both Gustavus gradtuates and Co-Owners of the brewery. 
Lake of the Woods has generously offered three $100 giftcards to be raffled off at the end of their presentation. Gift cards redeemable online or in-store.
1:20 p.m. -
1:40 p.m. (CST/CDT)
Castle Danger Brewery, Two Harbors:  Brewery, Two Harbors: Gustie-Owned Castle Danger Brewery has been brewing dangerously good ales and lagers on the North Shore of Lake Superior since 2011. Their beers are clean, balanced, and approachable; brewed with Lake Superior water by hearty souls that embody the North Shore. Wherever or whenever you enjoy a Castle Danger beer, you can taste a little bit of the North Shore in every sip. During their presentation, Mandy Larson, Co-Owner & HR Manager, and Jamie MacFarlane, Co-Owner & CFO, will be speaking on the Castle Danger origin story, partnership with Gustavus, events, distribution, and brewing process. 
Castle Danger has generously offered a $50 gift certificate to be raffled off at the end of their presentation.
1:40 p.m. - 
2:00 p.m.
Bent Paddle Brewing Company, Duluth: Gustie-Owned  is a 30-barrel production craft brewery and taproom located in the beautiful Great Lakes port town of Duluth. The brewers of Bent Paddle Brewing Co. use the amazing water of Lake Superior to brew the freshest and most dependable craft beer possible. Producing beers that “Bend the Tradition” of the classic style that they represent. Striving to make drinkable, balanced beers with an edge of inventiveness for all beer lovers to enjoy. Bent Paddle has been a Gustavus partner throughout the years providing craft beer for signature events of the college. During their presentation Brewer Colin Mullen '02, President and Director of Brewery Communications, will be speaking on the Bent Paddle origin story, partnership with Gustavus, events, distribution, and brewing process. 

Bent Paddle has generously offered a swag prize pack that includes a personalized brewery tour with GAC alumni Colin Mullen in Duluth. This prize pack is to be raffled off at the end of their presentation.
2:00 p.m. - 
2:20 p.m. (CST/CDT)
Spiral Brewery, Hastings: Join the Gusties of Brewery to help celebrate Gustavus Homecoming! The owners of Spiral Brewery carry the Gustavus pillar of community through all they do, and they can’t wait to have you in the taproom! Opened in 2018, Spiral is one of our newest brewery partners as they were featured at Homecoming last year. Spiral’s mission is to brew community through quality beer and rich history. Spiral has a taproom, a patio, and a rooftop patio with both drink-in and beer-to-go options. Utilizing a 15 barrel system, with 30 barrel fermenters, Spiral self-distributes to 50 different cities throughout the metro area and into Wisconsin. Whether you have been to Spiral dozens of times or you will virtually enter for the first time, it always feels like you are coming home. During the presentation Jen Fox '12, Vice President of Communications, Marketing, Sales and Distribution, will be speaking on the Spiral Brewery origin story, partnership with Gustavus, events, distribution, the brewing process - all while taking us on a virtual tour! 
Spiral Brewery has generously offered a raffle care package that includes: a Spiral sweatshirt, growler, and hat combo. As if that wasn't enough, Spiral will also be offering a buy-one-get-one beer promotion to all Gusties that visit their taproom from September 26 - October 3. Gustavus alumni must be wearing Gustie Gear, demonstrate their student ID picture, or dig up a picture of your time as a student at Gustavus. 
2:20 p.m.
3:20 p.m. (CST/CDT)
A Walk Through Gustavus Football History - Conversations with Coach Dennis Raarup '53
Join the winningest coach in Gustavus football history and Hall of Fame inductee, Coach Dennis Raarup, as he regales participants with stories of his time at Gustavus, covering both his era as an dual sport athlete and throughout his coaching career. Coach Raarup won three MIAC Championships as a player and carried that success into his career as the head coach of the Gustavus football team from 1971-1987. During the Raarup era the Golden Gusties accumulated three conference titles (two of which took place his first two years as head coach), took second in the conference four times, placed third two times, his 1987 team finished with a perfect 10-0 record, and was named MIAC Coach of the Year four times, NAIA District Coach of the year in 1972, and the American Football Coaches Association's Area 6 Coach of the Year in 1987. Raarup ended his coaching career with a record of 99-68-1. 
As if that wasn’t enough, Coach Raarup coached the baseball team to the conference title in 1971, went on to earn a master's in physical education from the University of Minnesota, a doctorate in physical education from Northern Colorado University, served as a member of the physical education faculty at Gustavus for 37 years, including 11 as chair of the department. Raarup and his wife, Sharon, have three children Todd ’88, Tami, and Troy. We welcome all football alumni, sports enthusiasts, or those that have been impacted by Coach Raarup to participate in the presentation by clicking the link: here.
This presentation will also feature guest speaker, current Head Coach, Peter Haugen as he shares remarks about Coach Raarup and updates on the 2020 Gustavus football season. 
Gustavus 2020 Anniversaries 

There are a number of notable anniversaries taking place this year on campus. Should you be interested in carrying out an anniversary group reunion or virtual gathering in commemoration reach out to the alumni office via email: alumni@claytonianinn.com

Year Established Anniversary Event
1890  Alumni Association is created.
1915  Alphi Phi Rho created.
1920 Gustavus joined the MIAC, REDs and Grays first recognized as membership societies, Kappa Sigma Chi was created. 
1925  Education major came into existence. 
1955  Sorenson Hall was built. 
1960  Religion major was created (changed from Christianity) and Gustavus celebrated the first nursing class graduates. 
1965  Nobel Conference began. 
1980s Gustavus Greens were formed. 
2000 International Center constructed and the new Swedish House was attached to it, Campus Center built. 
2005 Southwest Hall was built. 
Gustavus Homecoming-at-Home Checklist

2020年欧冠联赛赛程Sing the Rouser

Call each of your Gustavus roommates

Duplicate a famous Evelyn Young Recipe

Throw on your favorite Gustie Gear and post a Homecoming picture on social

Stream one of the Gustavus sporting events 

Purchase a Gustavus bumper sticker from the BookMark

Update your contact information2020年欧冠联赛赛程 with the Alumni Office

2020年欧冠联赛赛程Take a walk in your Gustie Gear and meet an unknown alum in your area

2020年欧冠联赛赛程Purchase a 6-pack from one of our Gustie-Owned Breweries

Refer a senior

Write a note to a faculty member who impacted your life

Gustavus 2020 Virtual Homecoming Care Package 

2020年欧冠联赛赛程We are in the process of creating a limited edition 2020 Virtual Gustavus Homecoming package for purchase. More information coming soon. 

Alumni Choir
Football Game